Marketing Design

Marketing as well as consultancy for that matters are dead and buried in its present format. Leftovers of the postindustrial period. A marketing department with the CMO on top as such is not that old and was aimed to create products and services that a company could build. Marketeers would make sure the customer would perceive a product as a need, Sales made sure the customers bought. Easy, but all those companies who did not see the dysfunction are gone. Too many examples are present to illustrate this. Design Thinking is a great answer to this failure. Creating from a real need, more holistic, disruptive and sustainable. It is not about inventions but about improvements. It is about understanding and listening, not closing your ears and shouting.

Design Thinking can be described as a discipline that is using the designer’s methodology to combine technology and business validation to come up with a solution that meets the real need of the people. Social media had a great impact on this new way of processing idea to product/service to market. In that light Marketing and all services adding value to the sales process are now in line with the actual need. Not the perceived or created need. Marketing Design thinking is therefor the natural outcome and for Minerva MDC, a cornerstone of our approach towards the demands of our customers. Aiming for success all the way.

Marketing & Business Development

Once the service or product is localized we can offer extra services in order to help on the sales part. On the marketing side we adapt the companies strategy towards the Turkish local market from PR to a full implementation or adaption. We offer all the online services we see fit for our market like after sales, customer service, online presence, growth hacking and all the tools available to make it a sustainable success. On the sales side we can help finding and closing local partners, work out a strategy and implement. Almost all our coworkers have 15+ years of experience both in corporates and startup ecosystem, so we grew a vast network that allows us the act fast and accurate.

Marketing Design Fundamentals

  • Working on site and off site as a part of your Marketing team on different levels, depending on the size, scope and needs of the project
  • Fulfilling partner’s marketing and communication needs with the right tools, strategy, media and team
  • Direct/indirect management of PR, digital or advertising agency, from creation of the brand to a successful go-to-market stage
  • Launch and relaunch execution, marketing strategy, growth and sustainable presence in the market
  • Finding new ways, solutions to old problems; or challenging your business to be prepared to new problems
  • Helping you find your way in the digital world, as an enterprise, SME or even as a person, from building of your website to digital marketing and reputation management