Consultancy & Mentorship

Minerva MDC started in 2012 and has build up a nice portfolio of customers from Moscow to Berlin, and to San Francisco, providing different services from consultancy over translation as far as acting as the country management team for international companies. We are comfortable with challenges in localizing apps and software services, or SEO optimization and growth hacking strategy implementations for Turkish market.

Our clientele are coming from outside our region but are interested to kick off their apps, services and products in our market. No wonder when you know that in 2030, the population of Turkey will reach 88.1 million people, an increase of 13.4% from 2015. Turkiye will be the youngest and one of the fastest growing countries in Western Europe in 2015-2030. Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara are the biggest cities dominating the urban landscape with over ¼th of the total inhabitants.

Consultancy & Mentorship Fundamentals

  • Working as your Marketing team on different levels, depending on the size, scope and needs of the project
  • Creating the road map for a successful launch and roll for your startup company’s product
  • Representing your company or product to provide new channels for business development, new ideas and synergy
  • Finding new ways, solutions to old problems; or challenging your business to be prepared to new problems
  • C – level management for your company/startup’s go-to market and growth needs