Localization & Business Development

An important part here is translation without any doubt. We have our internal team with expertise in localization & translation into Turkish, all graduated and experienced translators who also understand what they translate. This means we also give feedback in order to improve the original or to make sure it will work in the Turkish market. This means we translate with the local culture in our back heads, but also the target audience, the competition and the market potential. We act as the team members of our customers. In that way it is not only translation but localization in the broadest meaning of the word.

Localization Fundamentals

  • Business development for foreign companies which would like to expand in the Turkish market
  • Conducting market research for international companies about specific needs of the Turkish market, tailoring the product and design functionality that is needed for Turkish market
  • Conception of the market entry for education related products in the Turkish higher education segment
  • Communication and follow up for the education material with the relevant universities, education centers and academic staff to ensure the quality assurance of online products which were adapted for the Turkish market
  • Translation services for online/offline needs
  • Working with development team to implement market tools to the end product