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Minerva Marketing Design & Consultancy is based in Turkiye and run by an international team with genuine knowledge of the Turkish market. Our end-to-end services start from consultancy, localization (l10n), marketing and business development for the Turkish market.

Minerva is a Marketing Design company, where we serve companies, startups, institutions or NGOs with solutions based on design thinking. We set out the road map, action points, create the strategy and bring together the tools to implement and reach the right audience to fulfill their need with the best user experience. Depending on the nature of the project, we work with a team for social media & digital marketing, support/help desk, translation and a PR agency.


Our main goal is our customer’s success as it reflects on our own success. Minerva MDC adheres values like openness, transparency and respect. We heavily rely on Design Thinking in our work processes and offers. We don’t overpromise but keep reality and our profound knowledge as leads in our development for a fair budget.

Minerva will be excited to be a part of a marketing challenge and come up with solutions. You can be sure that she will not let it go as the motto says: “Dum spiro spero!”  – While I breathe, I hope!

Tastefully successful.


Neşen Yücel

Neşen Yücel

Founder & Consultant in Localization, Marketing and Business Development

(BA in Translation & Interpretation in Bosphorus University, MBA in State University of West Georgia, USA)
After 13 years of experience in the biggest banks of Turkiye including Akbank, Pamukbank and Yapı Kredi, where I specialized in product management, marketing and communications; I chose to give a big twist to my career. In 2012; I founded Minerva Marketing Design & Consultancy, focused on marketing, communications, localization of international projects. Ever since that decision, my life is going full speed in creativity, production, connecting the dots and finishing projects one after the other.
I am currently involved highly in startup ecosystem inside and outside Turkiye, run CoderDojo Turkiye and organise events for networking and learning together and give consultancy to local and international businesses.
Being a mentor and entrepreneur myself, I really enjoy the exciting startup life and to learn and to teach.

Patrick Bosteels

Patrick Bosteels

CoFounder - Senior Consultant & Enabler

Being a passionate creator, Patrick Bosteels never tasted corporate life. A creator of many things starting in school, very early at the Academy of fine Arts in Gent, Belgium to become a photographer, cineaste. Patrick spent his first professional years as a free-lancer working for video-productions and television. Followed very soon by his first company and many more to come.

A serial entrepreneur pure sang, always in a combination of design, technology and user experience. Never a manager, but a dedicated coach and “human connector”. Belgium was for long his home base, but very early he started to work all over Europe and landed in Istanbul, Turkiye; where he found his roots and the challenges he awaited for.

After a rich business story in Belgium and abroad he relocated to Istanbul where he started back from square one, but armed with a huge toolcase of experience. The result is the start of STAGE-Co, a co-working project where the focus is on mentoring and networking with start-ups, business and VCs.
Patrick does not see himself as a thought leader but as an explorer who likes to share his insights and knowledge and is not afraid of a constructive debate.